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Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria is a not for profit, volunteer based wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation. We receive no government funding for this essential service to our community.

Through our network of volunteer wildlife carers, rescuers, transporters, emergency services, government agencies and commercial operators, we facilitate wildlife rescues ranging from orphaned ducklings to injured adult kangaroos. Wildlife Victoria also has trained volunteer disaster response teams that can be called upon at any time to assist in wildlife rescue emergencies such as bushfires and oil spills.

Remembering Victoria's precious wildlife in your Will is a wonderful legacy to leave. With your help, by considering a gift in your Will, many more of our wildlife will be rescued, cared for and release back into the wild for many years to come. A modest gift in your Will can make a big difference to the plight of our native wildlife.

A gift in your Will could help Wildlife Victoria achieve the following:

- provide a highly responsive and effective 24 Hour Emergency Phone Service;

- develop, maintain and support our network of dedicated wildlife rescuers, rehabilitators and other volunteers;

- develop preparation and effective management strategies for disaster situations;

- educate the community to raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of wildlife and their habitats;

Your support is truly appreciated.

Please phone the Emergency Phone Service on 13 000 94535 to report injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.

Wildlife Victoria Offices

James Johnson
(03) 9445 0310

PO Box 100, Abbotsford
Victoria, 3067

ABN: 27 753 478 012