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Heart Research Centre

The Heart Research Centre is a non profit organisation originally set up by the Heart Foundation to conduct research into heart disease prevention and management.

Now an independent charity, the Centre aims to reduce deaths and disability from cardiovascular disease (CVD) by identifying effective ways of improving the lifestyles and mental health of people who have CVD or are at high risk. Psychological factors are a major research interest, especially depression and anxiety. The Centre undertakes projects in collaboration with clinicians from several University of Melbourne teaching hospitals.

Bequests are essential for the development of our heart research. Past bequests have enabled us to carry out significant research into preventing CVD and improving outcomes from heart attack, coronary bypass surgery and angioplasty. Our research has many targets - people in the workforce, people from country areas, older men and women and families affected by heart disease.

Translating research findings into practice is a key goal because it can improve the delivery of health care services and increase access to these services.

The Centre has developed numerous short courses to improve the knowledge and skills of medical and other health practitioners. It is widely recognised as the leading provider in Australia of training programs in cardiac rehabilitation. Many overseas health professionals also attend our training programs. The Centre also offers training in self management of chronic disease. Online training programs have recently been introduced to increase access to the Centre�s expertise.

The Centre�s world-renowned Best Practice Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention are widely used in Australia and overseas.

Heart Research Centre Offices

Dr Marian Worcester
03 9326 8544

Level 7, 14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Victoria, 3051

ABN: 87 267 901 425