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Heart Research Centre

The Heart Research Centre's mission is to improve the lives of people living with heart disease. It is the only Australian research organisation whose work is solely dedicated to rehabilitation and the prevention of further cardiac events, complementing the medical and biomedical research of its sector colleagues.

We explore how the psychological and behavioural aspects of people’s lives impact on their ability to recover from a heart attack or surgery, and how they effectively manage the disease to prevent further events and premature death.

Research shows that the risk of dying from a heart attack increases the second time around, and one in four people who have a heart attack go on to have another.

We also investigate the social impact of heart disease and how having a heart attack affects the way people interact with those around them, and the impact on family and work relationships.

We use our research findings to develop self- management tools, education materials and professional training to help those living with heart disease, and those treating the disease, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The result of some of our most recent and ongoing research has shown a link between depression after a heart attack or surgery, and a significant increase in the likelihood of having another attack. We have developed a suite of support programs that can be used by patients and health professionals to help manage patients’ recovery.

The Heart Research Centre is Australia’s leading provider of professional training in the area of cardiac disease rehabilitation. The Centre’s training programs provide health professionals with the information and tools required to provide effective post -operative care and ensure appropriate support and guidance is given to patients upon returning home.

By leaving a bequest to the Heart Research Centre, you will be making a valuable and lasting contribution to improving the lives of people with heart disease, helping reduce premature and preventable deaths and related disability.

Bequests are crucial to us; without them we could not do nearly as much. Our Director, Professor Alun Jackson, would be happy to discuss them with you.

Improving the lives of people with heart disease

Heart Research Centre Offices

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