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Odyssey House Victoria

Odyssey House Victoria has been a place of hope and positive change for individuals working towards breaking their pattern of addiction to alcohol and drugs for over 30 years.

Today, the work of Odyssey House is more relevant than ever. Each day brings many more enquiries from the friends and loved ones of people struggling with drug or alcohol problems - many drug users themselves desperate to overcome their addiction.

Each year, Odyssey House Victoria accommodates over 550 adults and 75 children in its residential treatment and support programs.

We also provide intensive support, counselling and employment programs and other key services to over 1000 individuals and family members in the community.

We are able to help people rebuild their lives by offering:

1. Drug and alcohol counselling

2. Nationally accredited vocational training resulting in gainful employment with individuals becoming taxpayers again.

3. Life skills training for families in the residential rehabilitation program where they learn parenting, and

4. Budgeting skills so they can break out of their welfare dependency.

These are the things that make a real difference to someone's self respect and pride.

Odyssey House Victoria relies on the generosity of the community to carry out its vital work.

One way you can care for the next generation is by making a bequest to Odyssey House Victoria in your will. Making a gift in your will ensures your contribution is there for future generations.

This allows you to help the success of Odyssey House, without affecting your independence today.

Odyssey House Victoria Offices

Janet Beaumont
03 9420 7633

660 Bridge Road, Richmond
Victoria, 3121

ABN: 11005583960