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Motor Neurone Disease Australia Inc.

Our vision is a world free from MND.

The MND Australia member organisations comprise of six state associations supporting people living with MND in all states and territories.

The research arm of MND Australia, the MND Research Institute of Australia, funds Australian researchers who are working towards better understanding the causes and finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for MND.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which damage to motor neurones occurs. Motor neurones are nerve cells that control the movement of voluntary muscles, that is, muscles that are under conscious control. These include all the muscles of the trunk and limbs, and of speech, swallowing and breathing.

With no nerves to activate them, muscles gradually weaken and waste, and paralysis ensues. Weakness is often seen first in the hands or feet, or the first sign may be swallowing difficulty or slurred speech.

Average survival time after diagnosis is 2 to 3 years or less, some people survive 5 years or more. There is no known cause in most cases, no effective treatments and no cure.

Progression of MND is rapid, creating high levels of disability and consequent needs for support. Support needed includes assistance with feeding, communication, movement, transferring, toiletting and breathing. MND has an impact on all activities of living.

Motor Neurone Disease Australia Inc. Offices

Carol Birks
02 98165322

PO Box 990, Gladesville
New South Wales, 1675

ABN: 52 650 269 176

Graham Opie
02 88770999

MND New South Wales,
Locked Bag 5005, Gladesville
New South Wales, 2111

ABN: 12 387 503 321

Carol Birks
02 98165322

MND Queensland,
PO Box 259, Corinda
Queensland, 4075

Carol Birks
02 98165322

MND South Australia,
PO Box 2087 Hilton Plaza, Hilton
South Australia, 5033

Carol Birks
02 98165322

MND Tasmania,
PO Box 379, Sandy Bay
Tasmania, 7006

ABN: 49 312 430 982

Rodney Harris
03 9830 2122

MND Victoria,
PO Box 23, Canterbury
Victoria, 3126

ABN: 44113484160

Dr Sue Colyer
08 9346 7355

MND Western Australia,
The Niche, B/11 Aberdare Rd, Nedlands
Western Australia, 6009

ABN: 49 312 430 982