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Melbourne City Mission

Your will can change lives and bring hope.

Every day, Melbourne City Mission works with some of Melbourne and Victoria's most vulnerable individuals, families and communities.

Every week, we help thousands of people to escape disadvantage, economic exclusion and social isolation.

Our staff are dedicated professionals and the programs we deliver make a powerful and sustainable difference to people's lives.

From children living with a disability, or young people who have nowhere to call home, to people who need assistance into education or employment, we'll be there, working alongside them so they can build a better future for themselves and be part of society.

But we couldn't achieve this vital work without the support of our donors and notably our donors who choose to leave a very special gift in their will.

This kind of support is particularly important as your act of generosity today will secure our work well into the future.

There is no better way to provide support for the thousands of people who rely on us for help than by including a bequest to Melbourne City Mission in your will.

Melbourne City Mission Offices

Suzanne McGraw
03 8625 4421

Central Office,
164-180 Kings Way, South Melbourne
Victoria, 3205

ABN: 56 1611 846 149