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Lort Smith Animal Hospital

Pets give us so much love and companionship and ask so little in return. Here is your chance to give something back, a chance to help literally thousands of aminals.

Louisa Lort Smith the founder of this marvellous hospital left a legacy of 61,382 pounds that continues to this day to make a real impact on improving the quality of life of animals in our care.

At Lort Smith we provide high quality, low cost vet care to pets of people with limited means. As the largest not for profit animal hospital in Australia (recieving no government funding) we rely on the generosity of our supporters to fund our work.

At Lort Smith we believe that every animal deserves a second chance, with your support we can continue working to make this a reality.

Gifts in wills help the Lort Smith Animal Hospital to:

1. Provide surgery and medical care for pets of people with limited means.

2. Caring for surrendered animals in our shelter and finding them new loving long term homes (each year this service helps thousands of lost, surrendered, sick and injured animals).

3. Promote responsible pet ownership.

4. Foster an awareness of animals and the positive benefits they bring.

How to word your Bequest for Lort Smith Animal Hospital:

"I" (name) Of (address) give and bequeath to the Animal Welfare League of Victoria (ABN 87 004 238 475) trading as the Lort Smith Animal Hospital for the use and purpose of the said Hospital, rest and residue of my estate free of all duties and taxes payable at my death (if any), for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of its Treasurer or authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.

If you would like any more information on our Bequest or Heart & Home program (where we will care for your pets if anything happens to you) please contact us on the details provided in the right column.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital Offices

Emma Morgan
03 9321 7213

24 Villiers Street, NORTH MELBOURNE
Victoria, 3051

ABN: 87 004 238 475