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Include a Charity Week

For one week each September, our campaign focuses on Include a Charity Week, a PR-focused activity to amplify and maximise our message. Aligned with international legacy weeks across Europe and in New Zealand, Include a Charity Week raises the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and provides an opportunity for supporter charities to convey their importance.

By working together and concentrating our efforts into a specific week, we intend to demonstrate just how easy it is to include charitable gifts in Wills and help more people understand the huge impact these gifts have on the work that charities do. By highlighting the importance of this area of philanthropy and actively encouraging more people to think about supporting their favourite charities in this way, we will ensure their good work can continue into the future.

Include a Charity Week 2017






Include a Charity Week 2017 will be held from 11 – 17 September.

Include a Charity Week 2016

Include a Charity Week 2016 was held from 5 – 11 September.


Include a Charity Week 2016 featured a visit from a respected UK fundraising expert, media interviews and breakfast events for the charitable sector in five cities.

Now part of a worldwide movement, the Australian Include a Charity Week ran 5 – 11 September alongside campaigns in 16 other countries, supported by more than 1000 charities.

This year, the Include a Charity team brought professional fundraiser Stephen George to Australia. With 30+ years’ experience working for some of the UK’s best-loved charities, the former Chair of the UK Remember a Charity campaign posed, according to Radio National presenter Cassie McCullagh, “a compelling argument” for leaving gifts in Wills.

During the week, Stephen undertook a whistle stop tour of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. “His discussion about developing a better culture of Gifts in Wills across organisations resonated with the audience,” said Include a Charity Campaign Director, Karen Armstrong.

Media coverage was solid with articles in the Daily Telegraph, Australian Lawyers WeeklyFundraising & Philanthropy AustraliaPro Bono Australia and Generosity Magazine.

Stephen George was extensively interviewed by the ABC Radio National program, Life Matters, and other campaign spokespeople gave radio interviews around the country.

Include a Charity Week also featured some great human interest articles with stories about local bequestors appearing in newspapers like Dubbo’s Daily Liberal.

A hearty thank you to all those fundraisers, bequestors and charities who enthusiastically participated in our sixth Include a Charity Week, helping us to try and raise the number of Australians leaving a gift in their Will to 15 per cent by 2020.

Not a supporter of Include a Charity? If you think you missed out on a valuable learning experience, find out more about becoming a supporter of Include a Charity, by contacting Campaign Coordinator Kate Delaney for information.

Include a Charity Week 2015

7 – 13 September.

Imagine a world without your favourite charities and all of the good work that they do. Did you know that a gift left in your Will leaves a lasting legacy? Without these legacies our impact would not be as far-reaching and we would struggle to continue our work. That’s why we are working together as the Include a Charity campaign.

Most of our income comes from the generosity of the general community – whether it is through donations, taking part in our events or supporting those who raise money on our behalf. It is a little known fact however that much of our vital income comes from those who leave us a gift in their Will. You don’t need to wealthy to leave a gift in your Will – no matter what size the gift it helps the work live on.

During Include a Charity Week 2015, we asked the community to consider, when the time is right, and they have taken care of their family and friends, to leave a gift in their Will that will have a lasting impact and help our work live on.

Include a Charity also proudly supported Studio 10 in profiling icons of Australia in the lead up to Include a Charity Week 2015.