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Landcare Tasmania Inc.

Donating to Landcare Tasmania and the Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF) will fund important on-ground initiatives that improve the land, water and native habitat for future generations. Your support will enable local communities, schools and landowners to get projects up and running, and to continue important long term work! For every dollar invested, $4-$6 is returned due to the massive volunteer effort, the foundations on which the Landcare movement is built.

In 2003 Landcare Tasmania (previously operating as the Tasmanian Landcare Association) was approached by a retired farmer, Mr John Roberts, who wanted to make a bequest that would make a difference. He believed that if we looked after our land we would be able to produce healthy food and therefore healthy people, it was that simple! This fabulous vision to provide support for hands on, practical projects to be undertaken on farms, in schools and with community groups to improve Tasmania's water, land, plants and animals has been realised through the Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF).

Help us grow the Tasmanian Landcare Fund. Your bequest can improve Tasmania's environment for future generations.

Image by Matthew Newton

Landcare Tasmania Inc. Offices

Mark Ritchie
03 6234 7117

148 Elizabeth St, Hobart
Tasmania, 7000