Who we are


The goal of the Include a Charity campaign is to encourage more people to leave a gift in their Will, increasing the funds invested in the charitable sector and thereby increasing the positive impact of our collective work. By increasing the number of people who leave a gift in their Will to 15% by 2020, an additional $440 million would be generated for the charitable sector.

The Include a Charity campaign is managed by Fundraising Institute Australia and is a collaboration of over 100 of Australia’s favourite charities, covering a broad spectrum of causes.

We act on behalf of campaign supporters, promoting charitable gifts in Wills to the Australian public, through television, radio, online and print advertising and through Include a Charity Week, held in September each year.

Through these activities we aim to raise the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and engage the Australian community by asking them to think about their legacy and to consider including a charity in their Will.

You can access the 2016 Impact Report as well as the 2017 edition, they both outline our achievements in the past year and the strategic goals we have set up to 2020.


Campaign supporter benefits

As a campaign supporter of Include a Charity you are part of a unique collaboration, whose sole aim is to increase the number of gifts in Wills to charities in Australia. The campaign is a powerful resource for charities to improve the effectiveness of their bequest marketing, by pooling resources, increasing efficiencies and saving money.


We campaign

Include a Charity acts on behalf of campaign supporters promoting charitable gifts in Wills to the Australian public. Through these activities we aim to raise the profile of charitable gifts in Wills.


  • We promote gifts in Wills to the Australian public through television, radio, online and print advertising and through Include a Charity Week
  • Include a Charity Week: for one week in September, a PR-focused activity to amplify and maximise our message. Aligned with international legacy weeks across Europe and in New Zealand, Include a Charity Week raises the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and provides an opportunity for supporter charities to convey their importance.
  • Exposure on IAC’s website.
  • We liaise with solicitors and financial planners and they promote the “Find a Charity” section in our website with their clients.

 We undertake research

 In order to better understand the gifts in Wills landscape in Australia we undertake high end research with experts around the world. As a member you will have unlimited access to practical gifts in Wills research to provide you with more accurate an up to date information about Australian gifts in Wills and international legacy campaigns.

 We work with More Strategic, Behavioural Change Partners, Dr. Russell James, Christopher Baker and others. 


We facilitate training

There are over 30 training sessions during the year including networking, webinars, round tables, workshops and more.

Please download our 2018 calendar here

As an IAC supporter an unlimited number of staff within your organisation can be part of our training program and events year round.



We liaise with the Legal and Financial Community

 We advocate within the legal community to encourage legal professionals to initiate conversations with their clients about charitable gifts during the Will making process.

Participation provides some great benefits for charities but our ultimate aim is for all Australian charities to eventually benefit from this social change initiative.



As an IAC supporter you will have the opportunity to talk to supporters about gifts in Wills, making it easier for charities to discuss the concept and their charity as a beneficiary.


Become a campaign supporter email includeacharity@fia.org.au or call us 02 94 10 59 12