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Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Cure Cancer Australia champions innovative young researchers in their quest to cure cancer.

We provide vital start-up funding for innovative, ground-breaking research projects across all types of cancer.

With support from valuable fundraisers and donors like you, we have channeled close to $20 million since 1967 in the form of funding grants to young researchers and have come to stand for integrity, excellence, and success in cancer research.

A number of researchers who received early career seed funding from Cure Cancer are now amongst Australia's most prominent cancer researchers who are making real progress in the fight against cancer. We give Australian scientists the critical support they need early in their careers.

In 2013, grants have been awarded to 38 researchers working in diverse areas of cancer research such as leukaemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer, osephageal cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer, bone cancer, sarcoma, pancreatic cancer, epithelial vaccine, DNA research and psycho-social cancer patient care. These researchers work in Australia's leading hospitals, universities and institutes.

The hour of research that you help to fund might just hold the key to a cure for cancer.

$50 funds one hour

$1,900 funds one week

$8,300 funds one month

$100,000 funds one year of vital cancer research.

We have a strong base of loyal supporters who are united with us in our vision to see a world without cancer, nothing less. Without their support and the support of people like you, we simply couldn't continue our work.

Without research, there can be no cure for this devastating disease. Every donation makes a real difference.

To find out more visit or freecall 1300 134 567


Cure Cancer Australia Foundation Offices

Leanne Warner, CEO
1300 134 567 or 02 9251 6188

Level 6, 15-17 Young Street, Sydney
New South Wales, 2000

ABN: 13 002 838 495