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Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia is a national, independent, non-profit organisation, committed to protecting Australia's plants and animals and their habitats.

It acquires - by purchase, gift or bequest - land and water that is of outstanding ecological importance for protecting Australia's biodiversity and ecological systems. Bush Heritage also builds partnerships with other organisations and individuals to support conservation management of land that is in private ownership.

Funds are raised by tax-deductible donations from the public and funding organisations.

Starting out with just two reserves in 1991, Bush Heritage now owns and manages over one million hectares of land protected in more than 38 reserves around Australia.

Strong partnerships between Bush Heritage and other private landowners account for a further 6 million hectares of land managed for the protection of biodiversity.

We are supported by our generous donors and volunteers who help us; our Indigenous partners share their rich knowledge of the land; and landowners, such as pastoralists and other conservation agencies, who work in partnership with us to achieve significant conservation outcomes on their land.

A gift in your Will could help us achieve our vision - to own and protect, or assist others to protect, more than seven million hectares or 1 per cent of Australia's land and wildlife by 2025.

Let the protection of Australia's precious natural environment be your legacy for the future.

Bush Heritage Australia Offices

Rebecca Passlow
+61 3 8610 9139

PO Box 329 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Victoria, 8009

ABN: 78053693115