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Barnardos Australia

Barnardos Australia believes all children deserve to be loved and nurtured and yet every day in Australia there are more than 130 substantiated reports of abuse or neglect*.

Abuse is a complicated issue and the solutions are never simple. But when it comes to child abuse, the most important thing is that the child is put first so they get the support they need, when they need it.

Barnardos aims to strengthen communities and help families get through difficult and crisis situations. We work with family members to provide children with the best possible home life and deal with issues such as violence, poverty, mental illness and housing.

With 130 years of experience, Barnardos Australia is the leader in child welfare, offering a full suite of services and programs including crisis care, mental health support, accommodation, family support, parent education, counselling, foster care and adoption. We work with families to care for children with a focus on long-term support.

Barnardos believes that children are the most vulnerable people in our community and deserve to be safe and protected. A gift in your Will to Barnardos will live on in the lives of Australian children for generations to come.

*AIHW Child Protection 2011/12

Barnardos Australia Offices

Jessica Wood
+61 2 9218 2300

Head Office,
60-64 Bay Street, ULTIMO
New South Wales, 2007

ABN: 18 068 557 906