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Animals Australia

Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's second largest national animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export.

Animals Australia's television exposes and national advertising campaigns promoting kindness to animals have led to significant and lasting changes for animals, including a ban on the live sheep trade to Egypt, and a growing national shift away from factory farmed products.

Our life-saving work is made possible by those who share our vision for a world free from animal cruelty.

All bequests, large or small, will extend our ability to send investigators to where animals need them most, and to mount effective public awareness campaigns that will create a kinder future for animals.

Animals Australia Offices

Louise Bonomi
03 9329 6333

37 O'Connell Street, North Melbourne
Victoria, 3051

ABN: 65 016 845 767