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AIDS Trust of Australia

HIV is a complex and demanding medical condition. Preventing HIV transmission and supporting people living with HIV has always involved a raft of social, cultural, religious, political, legal, geographic and economic challenges.

Australia is recognised for its world leading care, support, awareness, prevention and research programs. Yet even even in Australia, HIV transmission has increased.

Without additional investment to maintain and augment existing programs and services, and to develop new ones, the outlook for HIV in the Australian community will be disappointing and in some cases alarming.

The money we raise funds organisations that develop, implement and operate programs that respond to existing community need, and raise awareness of growing national concerns.

Specifically, we identify gaps in national HIV sector programs and services and develop major projects that are community operated and delivered, foster the link between evidence and change and are focused on HIV prevention.

Our work assists with the rising human and economic cost of HIV in Australia; in particular to prevent HIV transmission.

Our current projects relate to emerging concerns among remote, rural and regional youth; travellers and highly mobile workers; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; and, Australia's population as it ages.

At a time of declining visibility, HIV in Australia becomes ever more complex.

Generosity, effort and skill have achieved much, but HIV is still here. No cure or vaccine exists.

Including the AIDS Trust of Australia in your will ensures that important HIV sector work in Australia is developed and sustained; and helps make the dream of an Australia free of HIV transmission reality.

AIDS Trust of Australia Offices

Greg Gahl
1800 689 188

PO Box 1030, Darlinghurst
New South Wales, 1300

ABN: 94 511 958 808